Walk west along the A272 cross the road and go over the stile No1 on map. The first time we did this walk this field that you are now in was full of flowering roses and was a real picture. Go straight across the field dropping down through the trees, cross the bridge and out onto a road. Climb the steps and at the top you will see two polo fields. Picture on the left. Head for the white house across the other side. Pass through the gate in front of the cottages and walk on down to another small road. Turn right and carry on to the main road turning right at the end. Pass the turning on your right and you will arrive on Stedham bridge No2 on map. Picture below.

About the Walk

If you wanted to extend the walk you could have taken the road on the right down past the church and carried on to Stedham Mill. Cross over at the weir turn left and followed the river back round and come out on the same road about 50 yards yards further up from the bridge. Take the footpath on the south side of the river. At the end of the path drop down through the bushes onto the cobbled path to the road. Turn right and just round the corner is the bridge at Iping over the Rother. Carry on up the road and turn into the church as the footpath goes through the church yard. No3 on map. At the stile at the rear of the church head across the field diagonally to your left, In the corner of the field go over the stile and follow the field round on the left hand side. Turn to your right and after about 30 yards turn left by a modern bridge. Picture on your left. There could be horses in the next two fields. Go straight across the field to a stile, and then carry straight on and follow the line of trees to a gate in the corner go through the gate and you will see the Grain Store in the picture. Follow the track a bit further on to the road. No4 on map. Turn left and in a few yards you come to the bridge at Chithurst over the Rother. Head on up the road and at the old houses on the right take the foot path on your left. N05 on map Follow this path all the way back to Iping, and you will come to a road. You will recognize this as it is opposite the cobbled path you came down earlier. Turn right and carefully follow the road for about half a mile and take the path on your left, No6 on map through the trees and past the nursery, and on to the pub on your left. If it is a warm day you will probably need a cool drink by now. Carry on down the road turning left at the end.Turn right at the green and follow the road round. Turn right past the cottages you passed earlier then cross the polo fields back the way you came to your car.