A circular walk from Climping to the river Arun at Littlehampton From the A259 Ford roundabout turn south signposted for Climping School Turn left at the end and park your car on the grass verge. Ordnance Survey Map: Landranger No 197/ 1-50000 Or for more detail Explorer No 121/ 1-25000

About the Walk

From your car walk back down the road to the corner and keep straight on in front of the school. Picture on the right. Take the lane on your left and walk to the sea. At the sea turn left and walk to the West Beach. Picture on the left. Take the path that runs inland to the left of the golf course.At the junction turn right keeping the golf course on your right all the way to the west side of the river Arun at Littlehampton. When you reach the road turn right and take the path opposite that follows the river. All the way along you get views of the east side of the Arun with all it's new developments. Walk all the way to the harbour entrance. Now retrace your footsteps back passing the footpath that you came out from earlier and walk along Rope Walk to the end. Turn right and walk out onto the footbridge that gives you views along the river. The picture on the right shows a gravel boat that has just come into port. The picture above is looking towards the sea. Head back to the corner of Rope Walk and keep going along Ferry Road taking Brookpits Lane on the left just before the main road. Follow this round to your car. If you want to add to the walk or go a different way next time, at the start of the walk take the black line on the map pass the school and keep going on the narrow path across the field. Coming out into Climping Street then turn left and walk down to the sea. Turn to your left and walk along until you reach the yellow route on the map. If you wanted you could walk all the way to the river Arun along the beach, black line on map then turn inland at the river and carry on as the yellow route.