Duncton is on the A285 about 3 miles south of Petworth. Your turn off is just a bit further south of the village. This walk takes you in a figure of eight. It will mean doing a small piece of the walk twice a small price for such an interesting walk. From the bottom of Duncton Hill take the road to Barlavington passing Duncton mill on your left. Take the first left turn and park near a small barn on your left marked start on the map. 0 is the bottom of Duncton Hill. Then follow the blue line Ordnance Survey Map: Landranger No 197/ 1-50000 Or for more detail Explorer No 121/ 1-25000 Distance 5 miles.Time 2 hours

About the Walk

From the start point walk back along the road until you come to a house on your right.No1 on map. As you pass the house the path with steps up to the field is next to the house. Picture on the left. Cross the field to the stile by the road.No2 on map. Take the track immediately on your right. After a short distance take the first footpath on your right. Head down hill to the field and cross straight over to the hedge on the other side. Picture on the right. On your left is a pond. Picture on the left. This water comes out of the hills and feeds through Duncton Mill and then on to this pond which feeds the big lake that you will see later in the walk.Go through the gate and follow the path to the road that runs around the park. No3 on map. On your right you can now see the main house which has now been turned into apartments.The house has been a girls school in the past and the other class rooms have been knocked down, to make way for the other houses that you can see as you go round. Follow the road round to your right No 4 on the map. On the corner you will see a very small church .I think services are still held here and you can go in for a look around if you want to. Follow the road until the next corner,by the big old tree. No 5 on map.The foot path in front of you is the one that you will come from on the way back from Burton Mill. Turn right and you will see some large new houses on your right and some renovated other properties on your left.When the tarmac runs out take the path shown in the picture on the right that is straight ahead. Carry on into the trees and very soon you will see a large lake on your right.No 6 on the map picture on the right. Carry on passing the farm house on the left and out to the road. No7 on map Go left here and follow the road to the junction in the picture on the right where you turn to your left.No8 on map. Keep on this road until the crossroads in the picture on the left.No9 on map Here you turn left and walk along to Burton Mill Pond. Picture on the right.No10 on map. After the mill look for the footpath on your left that seems to go through someone's garden and after a few yards take the path marked in the picture on the right.Keep to the main path and it will take you back to the point No 5 on the map. The picture on the left shows the end of this path as you approach the big tree that you passed earlier. No5 on map.Turn left at the gate and carry on back to Crouch Farm and at the road turn right and follow the road back to your car.