A walk from Burpham to the Bluebells in Angmering Park Take the turning just past Arundel railway station on the A27 to Burpham. Drive in front of the pub and round into the public car park. Ordnance Survey Map: Landranger No 197/ 1-50000 Or for more detail Explorer No 121/ 1- 25000 Distance 5 miles Time 2 hours This is a nice walk even when the Bluebells are not out.

About the Walk

Walk back to the entrance to the car park and turn left in front of the pavilion and follow by the side of the fence. Just past the slides turn left on the footpath and cross the small field. Take the sloping path to the road and head uphill to the junction. Picture on the right. Turn right and then left straight away up the concrete road. Picture on the left. At the top the track swings to the right and drops down hill to the knell. Point No1 on map. Turn left and then right at an angle and head uphill on a narrow path through the trees. At the top point No 2 there is a road that runs around Angmering Park. Turn left and you want the track just inside the trees that runs parallel for a short distance with the road.Very soon on your right you will see the large covering of Bluebells that follow this track for quite a distance. Eventually you come into an open field carry straight on until the corner where the path goes to the right . At the next corner head north past the trig point and slightly to your left for a gap in the hedge with a gate. Point no 3 on map. Follow straight on down hill and then bear right to a gate.You will have now come to a dusty chalky track. Turn left for a few yards and when you meet the junction turn right swinging round to your left. Point No 4 on the map. After a short distance take the path on your right that crosses a small field, then heads down hill diagonally and meets a lane at the bottom. Turn left and follow this track which soon becomes tarmac until the road. Turn right and then bear left follow through the village going right at the end and coming back to the pub and your car.