This walk takes you through the West Dean Estate and along part of the South Downs Way On the A286 between Midhurst and Chichester in the village of West Dean, Take the road opposite the public house. Drive carefully for about 1.5 miles and at the end of a long straight road when you meet a junction on your left park your car on the grass verge. Ordnance Survey Map: Landranger No 197/ 1-50000 Or for more detail Explorer No 120/ 1-25000 Distance 7 miles. Time 2.5 hours.

About the Walk

From the start point head along Colworth Down. It is up hill all the way to point No2.Pass to the left of the charcoal burners and Keep heading up hill. Just before point No2 you cross a wide track.Picture above left. Then take the diagonal track on your left through Venus Wood. Middle picture above. Keep on this path all the way to point No3 and then turn left.The path follows the edge of a field round After a short distance you will see the boulder shown in the picture on the right,keep to the main track that is to the right. Turn left keep on this path on the open downs eventually you reach the start of the Monkton House Estate on your left. There used to be Peacocks in the grounds of the house but I don't know if there are any now. Continue on keeping a look out for the Devils Jumps on your right. When you come to where the South Downs Way turns sharp right, the path in front takes you to The Royal Oak at Hooksway. Your path is left over a stile on to point No5. If you have time for a small detour take the right turn of the South Downs Way and just a little way along on your right is a war time memorial to a German pilot shown in the photo below. M on map. Drop back down to the path and carry on eventually into a lane, coming out at Yew Tree Cottage on your left to the road. Point No 6 turn left and follow the road round past Stapleash Farm. Carry straight on ignore the road on your right. When you reach the sharp left hand bend point No7 go straight on into a field and follow the edge of the field to a stile.Go through the trees and drop down onto a road. Carry on and just round the corner is your car. If you want to shorten the walk take the blue line route on the map,which is now walk 21.