For walking on the Isle of Wight you need the Ordnance Survey Map: Outdoor Leisure 29 I leave my car at Southsea in the car park opposite the hovercraft and make the 10 minute crossing to Ryde on the Isle of Wight.The hovercraft leaves every 30 minutes.We take lunch and sit at Bembridge Harbour entrance watching the boats going in and out of the harbour. The walk is about 10 miles total distance.

About the Walk

After leaving the hover turn left along the sea front and follow the sea wall passing the marina,and the boating lake with it's swan boats. Further on is Appley Tower in the picture on the right. The seafront now swings to your left and on your right is a cafe with seating outside that is our stopping point on the return leg for a nice cup of coffee and to rest our feet .I don't know if this is open in the winter. Follow on round Puckpool Point No1 on map. Turn left into Pier Road. Follow it round eventually into a foot path, coming out on the left hand side of the public toilets at Seagrove Bay. No3 on map. If the tide is out for a change we sometimes carry on past the High Street on the sea wall then drop onto the beach and walk round to Seagrove Bay on the beach. Carry on up the road picture on the left, which becomes a stony lane. Cross two fields coming out into Eddington Road.Turn right and immediately turn left. Follow this foot path to St Helens coming out at the Vine pub with the village green in front of you. Cross the green into Latimer Road turning left at the bottom, passing the Old Mill House onto the causeway No 5 on map that crosses Bembridge Harbour.On your left is the mill pond that filled up on high tide and ran the mill. I have always wanted to cross the Causeway at high tide but as yet have not managed to time it right. At the end of the Causeway turn right, pass by the boat yard and go between two houses bringing you to the entrance to Bembridge Harbour. No 6 on map. Picture below. This is where we usually have our lunch watching the boats going in and out of the Harbour. On one such lunch break this summer a full grown seal came out of the water here, sat on the sand and before I could get my camera going slipped back into the water and swam off. Follow on round passing all the beach huts and the cafe until you get to the old church. Go left here and just after the road on your left take the coastal path stile on the right. No7 on map. Follow this path up the side of the field and take the stile at the end on your right. Follow the path and when you come out into the open head uphill at a slight angle for the metal gate in the top right corner of the field. No 8 on map. Turn right here on a tarmac road and go straight through the entrance to the Priory Hotel. Picture on the right. After about 150 yards take the footpath on your left. This takes you back to point No 4 on the map where you turn right and retrace your footsteps back to Seagrove, Seaview and Ryde.