A walk from Rackham through Parham Park and on to Storrington village,then returning to Rackham Rackham is just of the B2139 between Storrington and Houghton. It is about one mile east of the turning for Amberley village. Ordnance Survey Map: Landranger No 197/ 1-50000 Or for more detail Explorer No 121/ 1-25000 Distance 5 miles. Time 2 Hours + time spent in Storrington village. This walk take's you through Parham Park with it's Elizabethan House, Lake, Church and Deer. Then on to Storrington for a look around the village centre . You may even see gliders coming in to land and taking of. Keep to the footpath through the park.

About the Walk

Take the turning for Rackham of the B2139.Go past the first turning on your left for Amberley village and at the next junction on your left signposted for Greatham, park on the grass. Just past the house on your left is the entrance to Parham Park. Follow the tarmac road keeping a lookout for deer. They are usually under the trees in the daytime. Sometimes you can spot them running in a herd. When you reach the end of the tarmac road No1 on map go straight across onto the grass and follow the footpath which eventually brings you onto the entrance road. Follow this road going past the Eastern entrance and down to the main gate.No2 on map. Picture on the right Keep on the right hand side of the road and after a few yards you reach a pavement. On your left on the other side of the road is the Gliding Club, you may have already heard the aircraft taking up the gliders and circling round and landing.If you want to get a better look at this all happening, cross the road carefully and take the footpath to a better vantage point, or walk up the entrance to the club a short way. Both of these are marked on the map in blue. If the aircraft is coming in on the far side of the field take the third blue line which follows a foot path and then onto the edge of the field you will get a good view of the aircraft coming in to land. Carry on along the footpath on the right hand side of the road and when you reach New Town Road, No3 on map take the lane that runs diagonally called The Plantation. Picture on the left. Which eventually brings you out into Amberley Road. No4 on map. Cross straight over into Fern Road,at the junction in the picture on the left turn right and then left into School Lane. At the junction after the church in the picture on the right turn left into Church Street and walk down to The Square. The walk now goes left into West Street but first you may like to wonder around the village. To continue the walk turn left into West Street and keep going until you reach the junction by the garage and head straight on passing the pond on your left. Keep to the footpath all the way back to the main entrance to Parham Park.Then retrace your foot steps back to the West gate and your car. The house is open from about Easter until September There is a car park near the house for people who arrive by car. It's not open every day so you need to check.