A walk from Ryde on the Isle of Wight to the seaside town of Sandown For walking on the Isle of Wight you need the Ordnance Survey Map: Outdoor Leisure 29 I leave my car at Southsea in the car park opposite the hovercraft and make the 10 minute crossing to Ryde on the Isle of Wight.The hovercraft leaves every 30 minutes. The walk is about 12 miles total distance. The first part of the walk is as walk No 6 then at the lower end of Latimer Road turn right and follow it to the main road. Then turn left and follow the road around the harbour.

About the Walk

The next part of the walk takes you from the harbour to Bembridge Lifeboat Station. When you pass the cafe on the far side of the harbour go straight ahead and look for the coastal footpath sign that takes you to the beach.The tide will need to be out for the next part of the walk as it takes you along the beach to the Lifeboat Station. If the tide is in you will have to take the footpaths marked in blue on the map.When you reach the beach turn to your right, you can see the Lifeboat Station a short distance along. Just past theLifeboat Station pick up the coastal footpath that runs inland. It's a long straight path.Turn left at the end and look for the coastal footpath signs that take you through a small housing estate.On the map above the blue line is the coastal footpath, but recently it has been necessary to make a detour around it because of subsidence. You will have to see when you get their if it is now open. After the detour follow the coastal path, go to the left of some timber bungalows and head uphill to Culver Down. From here you get a good view of Sandown Bay, Sandown with it's pier and further on Shanklin. If you wanted to shorten this walk you could get a bus from Ryde to Bembridge harbour and then it would give you more time to look around Sandown. If it was a nice day a deck chair on the beach maybe.